The partypoker Grand Prix Austria

Prize money: € 500,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: € 115


In the autumn of 2017, partypoker and the Concord Group present the second partypoker Grand Prix Austria. This will take place from 29 September to 9 October 2017. Poker fans can qualify and start in altogether nine casinos all over Austria. The prize pool is guaranteed with € 500,000. € 100,000 wait for the winner, the min. cash is € 250.

The partypoker Grand Prix gets more favourable

The buy-in for the partypoker Grand Prix is € 115 this time, half a million Euro is guaranteed for this. 50,000 chips wait as starting allocation. The levels will last 20 minutes and increase to 40 minutes on day 2, 60 minutes in the final. You can find the structure of the partypoker Grand Prix here. One re-entry per starting day is possible. The late registration runs until the end of level eight.

Buy-In only via the partypoker account

The buy-in for the partypoker Grand Prix is only possible through a partypoker account online. The start days for the partypoker Grand Prix are capped for organisational reasons, it is thus highly recommended to register on time for your desired day. The re-entry for the partypoker Grand Prix is possible in cash.

Poker fans can register for partypoker directly in the casino and thus pay their buy-in online. In order to avoid possible waiting times, it is advisable to already create a partypoker account beforehand.

The winners of live satellite tickets must create a partypoker account and specify this. This is necessary for the payouts. Up to a win of € 1,000, the winners have the possibility to have their win be paid either in cash or into their partypoker account. The first € 1,000 of the payouts are paid in cash, the rest into the partypoker account.

The Montesino offers a great bonus for poker players. You can find all details for this here.

Plenty of satellites

So that every poker fan has the chance of an affordable participation, the Concord Group holds favourable live satellites in all participating casinos in Austria.

People who prefer to qualify and start online can do this on The Online Poker Room also offers its players plenty of attractive satellites from $ 1.10 and start days for the partypoker Grand Prix Austria. Poker fans will find all satellites and start days in the lobby of the partypoker client under Tournaments —> Live Events —> Concord Montesino.

Actions and competitions

The Montesino and the participating casinos offer all sorts of actions and competitions until the start of this Poker Highlight. Poker fans can thereby win satellite and main event tickets for the partypoker Grand Prix.

Players Party

The Players Party will take place on Saturday, 7 October from 8 pm to 11 pm in the Bowling Universum Wien, in the Entertainment Center of the Gasometer. Soft Drinks, beer and wine are free for all partypoker players!

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