Can I play on more than one starting day / Are re-entries possible?

Any number of start days can be played. One re-entry per start day is possible.

Can I qualify online for the partypoker Grand Prix?

Partypoker not only offers numerous online satellites , but also several start days for the Grand Prix. Depending on the satellite, the won tickets can be used live or online. Please read the description of the respective satellite here in the partypoker client.

Are there satellites in the participating casinos as well?

Yes, the Montesino, all participating CCC’s, partypoker and the partner casinos will offer satellites and start days for the partypoker Grand Prix. For more information, click here.

Are the tickets won in satellites transferable or can they be paid out?

Live satellites: The tickets are not transferable. They are valid for the start days listed in the satellite description.

Online satellites: The conditions of partypoker are valid.

I want to buy a larger quantity of tickets / I am a poker organiser and would like to play satellites, whom can I contact?

In this case, please send an e-mail with your request.

Can I qualify for the finals more than once?

Yes, this option exists. With 2 qualifications you can respectively play a day 2 online and live. The Mincash (€ 250) is paid out for every further qualification and the higher chip count is taken over for day 2.

I have qualified online for day 2. Do I have to play online or can I also register for a live day 2?

In the normal case you can decide whether you would rather start online or live. You will receive a mail from partypoker after the qualification, which will describe the further tournament progress. Please read this mail carefully, as some online start days possibly do not offer this option.

What does Button Ante mean?

Instead of collecting the ante for each hand from each player, the Button respectively pays the Ante for the entire table. This has the advantage that less time is lost and that the players receive more hands.

With 7 or more players he pays a Big Blind, 3-6 players a Small Blind and with Heads-Up, there is no Ante.

Should a “dead Button“ situation result (Button stands still), there is no Ante in this hand.